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Dehumidification, ventilation and heating with one device


maj 16, 2019
Dehumidification, ventilation and heating with one device | Blog - Microwell

Many people dream about having their own swimming pool or spa with hot tub at home. However, only few people are aware of many hidden extra costs of swimming pool maintainance.

Operational costs of outdoor swimming pools are not alarming. You need to have a good quality water filtration and if you want to enjoy your pool for the longest possible time, the best solution is to buy a swimming pool heat pump.

With indoor swimming pools the situation is different though. Every single swimming pool hall requires indoor dehumidification, heating and ventilation. But there are still many uf us thinking, that floor heating is enough for heating up the air and in order to eliminate excessive moisture, it is enough to ventilate the swimmimg pool hall. Neverthelles, this is not true and we have already experienced many cases of additional dehumidifier installation upon customer request, when previous absence of dehumidifiers resulted in uncontrolled mould appearance, bad air, decaying plaster or even breaking the statics.

Based on these experiences and observations, we developed a swimming pool, that besides eliminating humidity from air, are capable of heating as well as ventilating / heat recovery principle/, when fresh air is being supplied. Our swimming pool dehumidifiers are designed for both private swimming pools and bigger public pools in SPA hotels or wellness resorts, with up to 180 m2 water surface. These are compact, ‚,one box‘‘ equipments that are easily placed on wall.

There are two possible heating options. Either the electric one up to 4 kW, or the use of heating element (LPHW), that is directly connected to a boiler and can come as a combination with an electromagnet valve, that provides full automation of heating system up to 7 kW.

Fresh air supply is certainly one of our greatest innovations, that when being combined with our heating, ensures pleasant swimming pool hall environment with fresh air that is heated up to its optimal temperature level. Every dehumidifier of Microwell production has a ventilation option inbuilt automatically. It is up to our customer whether they decide to choose this option during installation.

Having an inlet placed in front of a hot heat exchanger of the dehumidifier is truly an added value. The intake air gets heated up this way with no need of any additional heating system.

How does it work?

During dehumidification the dehumidifier creates cold on the input exchanger, where water gets condensed state. Just imagine your dewy bathroom mirror after taking shower. This mirror is relatively cold in comparison with water vapour temperature, so it ´´catches´´ water contained in this vapour (from air).

In order to achieve balance of this system, there is a second exchanger installed in the unit. This is though hot, not cold. Its temperaure can reach even 50 °C. The dehumidifiers uses this one for reverse heat recovery, up to a 3,5 multiple level. In practise this means, that at 700W energy cosumption your dehumidifier creates up to 2.450W heat.

The extrernal intake air goes through this 50°C exchanger and takes heat from it. Therefore, air supplied by Microwell dehumidifiers is hot and very pleasant, making the swimming pool hall a very comfortable place to spend time in.

And one more great news. There is no need of any extra piping when it comes to installation. Our wall mounted Microwell dehumidifiers can do a great job on their own even in their very basic version.


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